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There are many good sources of information on Netrek. Various FAQs, help files, and guides are available to help Netrek players of all skill levels. If you are new to Netrek and want to get started, begin here.
Are you a new player? Follow these simple steps to get started with Netrek!
General Info
Getting Started
Getting Clued
Want to get clued? Here are some great resources on how to get better at Netrek game play.
Advanced Netrek
Think you rewl? Yeah, whatever! Clue games are usually reserved for players who have logged hundreds of hours in "pickup" Netrek. If you've never played on a clue game, you should join as an observer first to become familiarized with real teamwork and gameplay.
Netrek Development
If you are interested in helping to improve or enhance Netrek, check out this link.
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