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Netrek games essentially fall into two categories, "pickup" and "clue" games. Pickup games are played on public servers with players that are rotated in and out as they come and go. Because pickup games are less organized and cooperative, they are also less competitive. While pickup play can be fun and exciting, organized clue games bring a whole new level of enjoyment and competition to Netrek.
Clue and League games are typically reserved for veteran players who have logged hundreds, often thousands of hours on pickup servers. But newer pickup players are usually encouraged to try a few clue games and maybe even enter one of the Leagues. However, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and etiquette before joining up.
The best place to start becoming "clued" is to read, practice, practice, ask, and practice. There are many guides available at the Netrek Clue archive and other resources that aim at helping you improve yourself. The Netrek FAQ also has a number of answers to common questions about league play. Once you think you are ready, join the clue-pickup mailing list and play on a few organized games. Then, participate in the semi-annual Draft League which is dedicated to (and tolerant of) newer players who have little or no league experience. The ENL, INL and INHL are the top-tier leagues with organized game schedules for players from all around the world. If you want to join one of these leagues, you should be prepared to make a solid commitment to yourself and to your team.

World Netrek League

The WNL is a new league that blends the best of the INL and the DL. Players and teams signing up for the INL and DL are encouraged to join this league.

International Netrek League

The INL is a competitive league of Netrek teams and players from all around the world. It is the most popular league with 3-4 seasons each calendar year. Although the league is international, the vast majority of players are based in North America, primarily U.S. and Canada. Below are several INL resources.

European Netrek League

The ENL is the European counterpart to the INL. There are no restrictions preventing non-Europeans from playing in the ENL and Europeans from playing in the INL--in fact, some players participate in both leagues. But in general, trans-continental Internet connections tend to be quite bad, discourating European players from playing in the INL. The good old days of 100ms pings over the Atlantic are far gone.

International Netrek Hockey League

The INHL is a league dedicated to Netrek Hockey. To learn more about INHL and Hockey, check out the links below.

Paradise Netrek League

Paradise is a different flavor of Netrek that is no longer actively played.

Draft League

The Draft League is dedicated as a sort of "teaching" league for newer players who have little or no prior league experience. The DL is usually organized twice each year corresponding to the two largest INL seasons (Fall, Spring). There are no dedicated Draft League home pages at this time. For the most recent news on the DL, check the Usenet newsgroup:

Other Clue Games

Aside from organized leagues, there are a few other ways of getting into clue games. Many league teams call world scrimmages open to players on a first-come- first-served basis. These scrimmages are normally announced on the clue-pickup mailing list.

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