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Netrek software is mostly divided into two categories: clients and servers. If you want to simply play Netrek, you will need to download a blessed client binary. If you are new to Netrek and haven't visited the Info section, you should do so now.
Major Resources
Client Software
Below are links to the home pages of the various Netrek clients. These sites contain both blessed binaries, source code and documentation. It is arguable whether any one client is better than another. Different people prefer different clients, and most clients can be used to play on any Bronco, INL, Netrek Hockey and Chaos servers. The only exception is the Paradise server, which requires the use of a Paradise client. For more info about Paradise, go to the Paradise Home Page.
For a complete list of Netrek software available via FTP, consult the Netrek FTP list.
Server Software
The server software only comes in source code form. If you are interested in running your own server or helping in server development, you should consult the the Info section before downloading the software. If you just want to play Netrek, you do not need to run your own server.

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