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Netrek is a multiplayer battle simulation game with a Star Trek theme. Up to 16 players are divided into two teams representing the Empires that fight for dominion over the galaxy.

Below is a comprehensive list of Netrek related resources. If you are new to Netrek and would like to learn more about the game, please start at the Info section.

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Info The Netrek FAQ, Netrek Clue Archive, and many other WWW and FTP sites that offer information on what Netrek is, how to get started, and how to improve Netrek play. If you are new to Netrek, start here!
Software Special Netrek clients, sometimes called blessed binaries, are needed to play the game. Popular ones include COW, BRM-H and Paradise. The source code to the various clients and servers are also available here for download.
Servers There are several public Netrek servers, often called "pickup" servers, where you can join ongoing games. These links will take you to them.
Leagues When you've played on pickup servers for a while, you can join special Netrek Leagues to play competitive games with teams from all over the world.
Cinema There are a lot of snapshots, movies and recordings of past Netrek games that you can browse. Many of these images and recordings are from League games.
Misc Various links that don't fall in the above categories are listed here. Many players and teams have their own Netrek pages that are interesting. Check them out and add your own to the list!

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