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The Netrek servers are run by kind and generous individuals who donate their time and effort to provide public servers for your fun and glory. There are many different flavors of servers that cater to different players.
Server Types
For more info about the differences between these types of servers, go to the Info section or read the Netrek Server List..
The various servers are listed on the Netrek Metaservers that provide current statistics about active servers. Statistics include server location, active status, number of players, and player queue status.
FAQ: If your Netrek client returns with a 'connection to metaserver.ecst.csuchico.edu failed' or a similar message, change your .xtrekrc file to use the new metaserver at metaserver.us.netrek.org!
FAQ: If you don't know how to connect to a metaserver or a Netrek server, consult your client documentation and the Netrek FAQ.
Netrek Server List
Servers with home pages
Server Setup and Development
If you are interested in running your own server or helping in server development, you can follow this link for additional information. The only actively maintained Netrek server is the Vanilla server.

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